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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hospitals to be checked out. some left in medical transport units, others left by bus. septa bus. according to the battalion chief on scene, no one suffered life-threatening injuries. >> i wasn't suffering too badly. i want my knee checked out. a girl in front her face hit partition in front of her. >> i got a lump on my head and back. >> reporter: right now accident investigators are trying to determine whether these two trolleys that should have been running 10 minutes apart, ended up so close to one another in the first place. >> it's a terrible way to start the new year. >> reporter: now the injure were split up among area hospitals so they didn't overwhelm one emergency department. many were taken here to penn pre presbyterian, which happens to be a block away from the scene. roz marry conners. nbc 10 news. turning to the weather.
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it turned out to be a pretty nice day after two days of rain. people were enjoying the weather in trenton. further north and west in pennsylvania, skiers are hitting the slopes at camelback on how mountain. now changes are coming. we're talking about cold and snow. >> and the first alert team coverage begins with glenn, "hurricane" schwartz. >> this time tomorrow it'll be about 20 degrees colder than it is right now. it's 52 degrees right now. we've been up to 54. it's been close to 60 at the shore. 46 in allentown. you can see the wind arrows out of the west. gusts over 30 miles per hour bringing some of this air in. right now the temperature in chicago is 18. 4 in minneapolis, 0 in bismarck. it's not getting to zero here, but look at this arctic air coming straight over us.
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we've been telling you about this for more than a week. here it comes. you'll start feeling it storm. you'll feel it saturday and sunday and even into monday of next week. only by next tuesday do we start to warm up. here is an example of what happens. this is tomorrow. remember, today we're 52. there it is. 35 degrees tomorrow afternoon. that may be about our high temperature. and some parts of our northern and western suburbs lehigh valley may not even get above freezing tomorrow. other areas staying in the 30s. we'll see how much colder it will get over the weekend. it will. coming up in a few minutes. the other issue is the snow. and meteorologist crystal kline has that. >> we see the temperature drop and some days not above freezing. in the afternoon that means any
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presip will be in the form of snow. what we're seeing an area of snow. it's a wide view but near parts of colorado and now extending into the midwest, we're going to track this as we go through the next couple of days here. watch as we go through tomorrow into tomorrow night. there's what we're looking on radar. let's put it in motion. this is going to track across the country very quickly. we're at lunchtime tomorrow on your thursday. not yet seeing the snow move in. it's getting close through the lunch hour. we fast forward into the evening. 8:00 p.m. no snow for us, but now it's very close to us sitting to the west. this is going to very quickly move in. so as we go into the overnight, we're looking about 10:30 in the evening. snow showers push in and they'll move throughout the night into your early friday morning. so this is the early hour of 5:00 a.m. it's clearing to the west seeing the snow hanging to parts of philadelphia and new jersey at 5:00 a.m. early morning commute. moves out by the late morning commute. this is just one computer model
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we're looking at here. look at the spread it's giving us around 1 inch of snow. pretty much across all neighborhoods. we'll talk more about the snow potential and if we see anymore through the weekend coming up. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with kids cashing in on the soda tax. hundreds of children in philadelphia began to going to pre-k for free because the tax city council approved last summer. nbc 10 was there for the first day of school for the young students. joining us from hunting park. >> reporter: shoppers may be reeling from the sticker shock of the soda tax. more than half of the money generated will go toward expanding pre-k at centers like this. and vod candidates hope one look inside makes it worth it. it's back to school for prekindergartens. for about one dozen students, it's their first time ever in
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class. it's because of the soda tax. >> we've been able to increase in size and serve more kids because of the money we receive through the soda tax money. >> reporter: the soda tax is allowing all the students to attend preschool for free. enrollment is up from 44 to nearly 60 students. but the children are not the only ones who benefit. >> i'm full-time lead teacher. it's a big change. >> reporter: brigitte is one of four new teachers hired to accommodate the expansion. before this she was a teachers assistant and worked at an afterschool program. >> it was more like a transfer from my old job but a better opportunity. >> reporter: the soda pretax is providing free pre-k to 2,000 kids across philadelphia. money from the city means breaking even financially and improving the quality of education for needy students. >> besides the parent being the first teacher, we are.
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you never know how much impact you give a child. >> reporter: you're going to want to grab something to write with very quickly. there are still spaces available at this center and other centers across the city. all you have to do is call this phone number. 1844-phl-pre-k. >> the free pre-k program is getting money from the city's soda tax. but shoppers paying the tax are seeing a little sticker shock. nbc 10 will explain why the prices could vary depending on where you buy your groceries. the story new at nbc news at 5:00. the health care overall fight heading up in washington. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are on the capitol hill.
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they're discussing to do away with the affordable care act. a bill has already been introduced to repeal a large portion of the president's signature law. meanwhile vice president-elect mike pence spoke after meeting with republican lawmakers. the best way to dismantle obamacare was discussed. and a lot of people have concerns on the fight over obamacare. we find out how it will affect you. that part of the story live at 4:30. obamacare was the focus of the president-elect, as well, today as he took to twitter to slam the law. in one tweet he writes "republicans must be careful in that the democrats own the failed obamacare disaster with its poor coverage and massive premium increases." another reads "massive increases of obamacare will take place this year and demes are to blame for the mess. it will fall of its own wake. be careful." president-elect picked a former
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penn law professor of the securities and exchange commission today. jay clayton is currently a wall street lawyer. he must be confirmed. the nominee for secretary of state is now cutting ties with exxonmobil to avoid a conflict. rex tillerson has been an executive at the company for his entire career. he'll get a $180 million retirement package. he was scheduled to retire in march. tillerson doesn't have any government or diplomatic experience. a conformation hearing is set for next week. vice president joe biden let it slip he'll spend time in philadelphia at the university of pennsylvania once he's out of office. take a listen to his microphone that was still on last night. >> did you catch that? the vice president said he'll be based at penn but he's not just working at penn. the vp is setting up a blind trust to continue the cancer
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research work he spearheaded. a lehigh valley farm is smoldering this afternoon after a massive fire burned across the property. >> growers are trying to salvage any plants they can ahead of the busy spring season. we are in zionsville with the latest. >> reporter: more than 12 hours later, smoke still rises from the farm after late-night fire quickly turned into a massive blaze. did. >> it was like a raging inferno. >> reporter: a hundred plus firefighters from four counties worked overnight trucking in water to the rural farm. the damage could reach a million dollars, but the cause remains unclear. >> what we do know is we're thankful there was nobody hurt. >> reporter: the owners say the zionsville farm is a source of locally grown flowers and plants. the worst inside a planting and shipping warehouse. the company said much of what was lost was tiny bulbs of
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lilies and tulips as they were gearing up for easter and the spring season. >> in there were millions, probably, of bulbs for easter that were growing. so those are all gone. >> reporter: the farm's retail shop in allentown is still open. they just finished up a busy christmas season and are hopeful the fire won't set back the easter rush. >> i'm looking for flowers. >> reporter: loyal customers hope to see the farm rebuild. >> it's terrible for the greenhouse, obviously, but, you know, we're all here to help them rebuild and hopefully they'll get back to where they were before. >> it does hurt. we know that we're going to be better than we were before. and we know that god is going to see us through. >> reporter: in zionsville, nbc 10 news. our first look at the south jersey father accused of killing his estranged wife and leading police on a two-week manhunt. jeremiah was arraigned on murder charges in cumberland county today. he's accused of stabbing terra
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oshea watson. the couple's 12-year-old son watched it happen. their 4-year-old was home at the time. he's being held without bail and back in court on monday. witnesses say weather played a role in this school bus accident in northeast philadelphia this morning. this was the scene at academy around the 8:00 a.m. an suv hit the side of the bus carrying students from first philly charter school. no one was seriously hurt. the suv's driver said the bus pulled out in front of him. investigators are trying to cause a train to derail at the height of the morning's rush hour in new york city. the long island railroad train hit a bumping track and the train went up and over the track. passengers were shocked. >> all of a sudden, it just was a big boom! boom! and it just -- it just threw us out of our seats. >> reporter: more than a hundred
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people were hurt inside the atlantic terminal in brooklyn. none seriously. today's derailment comes four months after the new jersey transit train crashed into the hoboken terminal after going over a bumper block. one woman was killed and more than a hundred hurt. philadelphia police want to know who shot and killed a man inside his apartment in holmesburg. the victim's girlfriend came home and found him dead in a bedroom around 10:00 last night. investigators say a separate bedroom appears to have been ransacked. no signs of a break in. the girlfriend said the victim sometimes leaves the door unlocked. atlantic city mayor is laying it on the table when it comes to the state of the struggling shore town. the message in his annual state of the city address resiliency. with the state take over, the city's finances are concerned that the police force could be cut. nbc 10 jersey reporter was at today's address and will have more on the story at 5:00.
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the new year means new gear for the north wildwood police department beginning tomorrow every officer on patrol will be outfitted with brand new body cameras. you can see the two versions. the chest pocket camera and one on the belt loop. the body cams will be used along with dash cam videos. new details this afternoon in the conviction of former pennsylvania attorney general. kane's attorney filed a motion yesterday that challenges the use of a special prosecutor to investigate the leak of grand jury material. kane was sentenced to 10 to 23 months in jail in august but out of prison during her appeal process. tonight parents in upp perk yeomen school district. it includes raising taxes more than 8% to pay for a new building. renovating the existing building
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would cost more, they say. emotional testimony today on the first day of sentencing for the man charged and convicted in the charleston church shooting. today victims described their loved ones. testified about hearing the gunshots. the widow of the pastor killed said she shoved her children under a desk in her husband's office once the shooting began. dylann roof, who is white, killed nine black church members in 2015. he's representing himself during the sentencing phase. he told the jury he would not lie and there's nothing wrong with him psychologically. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. two people are dead, including a 7-year-old girl after this car crash in allentown. nbc 10 was on the scene in south 4th around 11:00 lak night. two other children were badly hurt. new developments this afternoon in the case of convicted cop killer abu jamaal. the state should provide new medication to treat his
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hepatitis c infection. the drugs can range from $50 to $75,000 per year. he spent 29 years on death row for shooting and killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in 1981. an appeals court reduced the sentence to life without parole. an energy giant about to put people to work in camden. holtec will move into the facility next month. some workers will come from the company's current facility in marlton. but the company is recruiting others from cam don. it builds parts for nuclear and solar powerplants around the world. lots of buzzing today inside tyler state park. there you see why. crews taking down old trees throughout the park. many of the trees were damaged by a pesky beetle by the name of the emerald ash. it's not clear how long it will take. parts of tyler state park will be closed while the work is
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being done. the sales tax in new jersey nearly doubled in several cities starting in 2017. this includes trenton, cam don, and bridgeton. because of the urban enterprise zone program was eliminated. governor christie vetoed a bill that would have extended it for another decade. workers started setting up the pennsylvania farm show in harrisburg. organizers say it's the largest show of its kind in the nation with more than 10,000 exhibits and 6,000 animals that runs saturday through the 14th. back to the first alert weather. a live look at i-95. get ready to see more delldot trucks on the road. they'll be pretreating the roads in advance of what could be snow. >> it was so nice to see the sun back. big changes are coming, right, glenn? >> yeah, the temperature going down dramatically and the chance of snow is not much more than 24
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hours away. hard to believe at 52 degrees here. it's certainly too warm for snow now. it's upper 40s to near 50 elsewhere. we're seeing a lot of sunshine today. the wind is picking up. look at these places reporting 15 to 20 miles per hour winds. those winds are out of the west. this is what it feels like now. 52 in philadelphia. keep in mind. as we travel to the west, it feels like 19 in pittsburgh. middle of the afternoon. see the arrow coming at us. if you think that's not cold enough, feels like 17 below in minneapolis. 14 below in bismarck. again, those arrows coming straight in our direction. so we really are getting the arctic air. it's the coldest and longest lasting cold spell we've had so far this season. gusting to 32 miles per hour now in philadelphia. 30 in wilmington. and that arctic their is back to
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the west, it's just going to settle over here. and it's going to stay over here for a good while. like i said, all the way into monday. so 54 so far for the high today. and our high tomorrow about 35 and that's the warmest it's going to be as we go through the weekend. so that's quite a change. we have dry conditions right now, as we showed you earlier. you have to go way out to the west to see the next area of snow in the plains state. hard to believe it would get here before midnight tomorrow night but it's moving fast. the jet stream high up in the atmosphere is very, very strong. there's 8:00 tomorrow night. it's still not here. but it goes through thursday night and pretty much out of here by friday morning. so that limits the amount of snow you can get. there's another system that's going to be along the coast on saturday. this is going to be a stronger storm. a lot more moisture with it.
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as of now, the tract looks likety stays offshore. southern delaware and extreme south jersey has the best chance of snow. and if some of that does come up, that could lead to a little bit more accumulation than what the models are showing now. here is the one model showing pretty much a generalized inch or so out of the first system, thursday night. maybe up to 2 inches in a couple of spots. and then by sunday you see we're adding some snow to south jersey. that's from the saturday system. when you combine the two, it's obviously not big storms that we're dealing with. we haven't had much snow this season. as we go through the night tonight, watch the temperatures. okay. they're going down into the 20s. quaker town 24 degrees by awe 5:30. then it doesn't go up much during the day. it's 25 at 10:00 a.m. it's 29 at 2:00 p.m.
4:20 pm
in philadelphia it's 33 degrees. so it is a very cold day tomorrow. especially compared to what we have seen today. and as far as the chances for snow, just about everybody has got a chance early, early friday and then on saturday the best chance is the jersey shore. and in delaware. >> all right. a local woman scheduled a trip of a lifetime using groupon. >> that vacation never happened because the resort closed its door. how the nbc 10 responds team helped get the woman a refund. what you need to look out for the next time you use the website. also, are you jumping on the resolution train to shed a few pounds in the new year? we'll break down which diets will likely lead to better health. and wild wild west round up you have to see. why slefs deputies were chasing after this calf.
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here is a video of the day, maybe, from tennessee. a police chase that is truly wild. this is a deputy riding on a hood of a patrol car and swinging the lasso. he's trying to catch the run away calf. he makes it look pretty easy there. philadelphia police probably could have used that guy in november. you remember this? a bull got loose and made the way down i-95 at one point. it was later determined the bull escaped from a local slaughter house. first lady michelle obama making her final visit as the
4:25 pm
nation's first lady to the tonight show this evening. >> her first visit was in february of 2014. her more memorable appearance a few months later with she did the evolution of mom dances with jimmy. what will she do tonight? don't miss the tonight show this evening. it's one of the most recognizable buildings in the washington, d.c., skyline. look. it went dark last night. the lights went out on top of the washington monument because a problem with the program that controls those lights. the lights should be on this evening. the monument has been closed since august. the tourist attraction is expected to reopen to visitors in 2019. well, our weather for the rest of the week won't be anything like today. so i hope you enjoy today. it's going to be a shock to the system. >> it is. from the mild temperatures today to a cold blast tomorrow. even snow, glenn. >> yeah. not just but two rounds of snow by the weekend for some folks.
4:26 pm
i'll track how much we could see and when in the first alert neighborhood weather forecast. a rare treasure washes up along the jersey shore. what makes this whale so unique for local marine biologists? and the debate over the future of obamacare heats up on capitol hill. nbc 10 is taking closer look what it could mean for patients and local businesses.
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are you ready for this? a shift in the weather this afternoon. we caught a few surfers in the ocean in atlantic city today. these middle temperatures they're enjoying will soon be a history. temperatures about to take a tumble. a live look from center city.
4:30 pm
it's going to be a brisker feel in the overnight hours. we're tracking some snow for later in the week. bundle up before you leave for work or school tomorrow morning. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we should expect the drop in temperatures. >> it's even cold for january what is coming up here. we'll feel it in a matter of hours. the flags are blowing pretty hard. they're blowing in the cold air. it's 52 degrees now, but that west wind bringing in our air from pittsburgh, which is 30 degrees, chicago is 18. it's 4 in minneapolis. those are temperatures in the middle of the afternoon. and that arctic air is coming straight in. it's going to stay for quite awhile. now watch what's going to happen here over the next several hours. by 6:00, we're down to 46 degrees. a sustained wind of 19 miles per
4:31 pm
hour. it's going to feel like 38. by 9:00 we're feeling like we're 28 degrees. that's a huge drop in just a few hours. now we're clear at the moment, but we're looking to the west. that's the area of snow that is moving in our direction. believe it or not, it could very well get to our area before midnight tomorrow night. it's starting to move out early friday morning. we'll talk more about the potential for amounts and with another system to affect at least part of the area over the weekend in a few minutes. our ton story. a political showdown on capitol hill with obamacare taking center stage. >> one side fighting to protect it. the other trying to tear it down. and in a rare trip to the capitol hill this morning, president obama made his case to democrats to keep his health care law alive. republicans are pushing ahead on repealing the law while they work on a replacement. in the meantime, vice
4:32 pm
president-elect mike pence spoke to congress. >> we spoke with people in our area who have concerns on both sides of this issue. lauren mayk joins us. >> reporter: one woman is happy with how things are now with coverage. another couple is not. none of them, though, know how the fight in washington will affect what they pay or what their coverage looks like. all of them watching closely. they get their health insurance through the affordable care act. they're watching its future carefully. but with hopes for different outcomes. andrea duetch is worried obamacare and her coverage will go away. >> it's terrifying. >> reporter: in cliffton heights nancy and terrence o'neal are ready for a change. >> i like the concept but not the price. >> reporter: the fate of their coverage and costs could be in the hands of politicians in washington. now locked in a battle over what
4:33 pm
to do about the affordable care act. and the 20 million people the government said got insurance as a result of it. a new administration making promises. >> the first order of business, is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: democrats making predictions. >> the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. >> reporter: but back home hope for a solution from patients on both sides. >> i'm encouraged by the fact that trump won because i think he's going to bring change to washington. i don't think that he's going to take a chance on repealing it without having something to stand in its place. >> i'm not saying that obamacare is perfect. i'm saying it probably needs some tweaking and some fixing. so work together. don't throw the by the way out with the bath water. work to make it work better.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: they're all paying for health care plans right now, and a new year of coverage just started. it's not clear when a republican replacement plan or a comprise plan might be ready. >> lauren, all right. a look at the other top stories. investigators trying to figure out what caused two septa trolleys to collide in west philadelphia. more than 40 people were hurt this afternoon's crash along lancaster avenir 38th street. all the injuries were minor. the trolleys were going the same direction no word why they were close. hundreds of children started to going to pre-k in philadelphia for free. parents can thank the soda tax. the city council approved the tax to help fund free preschool next summer. it's expected 2,000 students will take advantage. a massive fire at the popular farm in the lehigh valley stopped smoldering. look at the flames. the warehouse in zionsville has
4:35 pm
been burning since 8:30 last night. workers are trying to salvage what plants they have left as they gear up for the spring season. gerard college is getting set for the mlk day of service. take a look. ♪ these local students helping kick off today's event. the college will host the greater philadelphia day of service on monday, january 16th. about 5,000 volunteers took part last year. gerard unveiled a new mlk mural painted by kids at area schools. there it is there. dr. martin luther king jr. took part in a protest in gerard college in 1965. the great opening act for the fliers today at the wells fargo center. fans played a pick up game on the nhl ice this afternoon. a group called hockey helping kids sponsored the game. several former fliers were on hand to greet everyone. the fans who played here will be
4:36 pm
at the center tonight to watch the flyers take on the rangers. people love a good deal. one nbc 10 viewer thought she was getting a discount on the dream vacation. >> the dream turned into a nightmare when the resort suddenly closed. now the nbc 10 response team was able to get the woman a refund from groupon. if you're spending more time at the gym this year, you need a new wardrobe. who could be launching a new line of workout clothes.
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scientists say they discovered a new organ in the human body. it's called the mess tear. it connects the intesten to the abdomen. researchers in ireland found it's one continuous organ. it's not yet clear what it does. amazon could start the own
4:40 pm
line of workout gear. the website said it found job listings on amazon for brand manager positions. amazon said it was looking for candidates to, quote, build authentic active wear. amazon deci amazon declined to comment. you may want to keep your workout indoors. it's amazing no matter how many people devote to running outside. >> temperatures about to take a tumble. >> yeah. it's going last for awhile. mother nature will give us a one-two punch over the weekend. the arctic air and two chances for snow for saturday. after weeks of holiday indull again, now is the perfect time to get back to healthy eating. right. which diets will keep your lifestyle goals on track? we'll explain the best options next. plus, put down the pack. one local city wants you to waiter before you can buy
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how you doing on day four following those resolutions for those that make them? every year it seems to resolve to eat better and lose weight. finding ways to drop the pounds and keep them off? that can be tough. but today u.s. news and world report is out with the annual list of the best diets. we got the information for you here. at the top of the list is what is called the dash diet. that may not be as well known as others, but this year marks the seventh time it's been rated as number one overall. what is it? the dash diet emphasizes the food you've always been told to eat. fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy. forget about sweets and red meat. you probably recognize the second-rated diet. the mediterranean diet.
4:45 pm
meals that go easy on the red meat. sugar and saturated fat and plenty of good fats from olive oil or fish. at number three is the mind diet. we'll list them. it takes the dash and the mediterranean diets and zeros in on each of the foods that affect brain health. now u.s. news compiled the rankings with the help of medical experts. to be top rated the diet had to be easy to follow, nutrition, safe effective for weight loss, and protective against diabetes and heart disease. >> i guess there isn't a girl scout cookie diet? no. girl scout cookie season arrived. it's the 100th anniversary of girl scout cookies. in honor of it there's a new favorite. they add adied abcer s'mores. it layers the cream icing and
4:46 pm
chocolate coating over graham cracker wafer. the little browny bakers version is crunchy with creamy chocolate and mash mellow fillings. they are available for the next six weeks. so much for the diets, right? >> can we keep the picture up little longer? >> nope. >> looks great. mediterranean diet, remember. marine experts along the jersey shore are getting their first look at the unusual find along the shore. >> they haven't seen anything like it in years. it's called a brainsville beat whale washed up. it's not clear how long the whale had been dead, but the marine mammal center said it's only the second time it's come across one of these in four decades. the staff said this type of whale spends most of its life at extreme depths. because of that, they're very hard to observe. taking a live look from the cape may camera. what a pretty shot. snow could be covering the sand at the jersey shore by the end of the week.
4:47 pm
before that, a bitter blast of cold air. glenn? >> yeah. everybody is going to get the bitter cold air. there's nothing stopping that. now, it's 53 degrees in jersey shore now. 52 in philadelphia. a little cooler in the lehigh valley. into the 40s. in some of these places low 40s. fleetwood at 42. they were 50 or 51 degrees just a couple of hours ago. so the downward slide has begun. cooks town at 42. 43 in allentown. their high today was 51. we'll be in the 30s any time now and the wind gusting to 32 miles an hour in philadelphia. 30 in wilmington. 26 miles an hour in allentown. what it's doing is bringing in that arctic air from the plains states and the great lakes.
4:48 pm
we already showed you it feels like it's below zero. it's the coldest air of the season and the longest lasting cold spell season because it's going last not only through the weekend but into monday. by tuesday of next week, the pattern starts changing. so we're back to relatively mild weather. eventually next week. so winter hasn't necessarily made a permanent turn. just a temporary turn. look at the drop in temperatures. 54 to 35 tomorrow. and colder than that. we might not hit 30 over the weekend in philadelphia for a high. here we are with the clear skies. back to the west the area of the snow and the middle of the country is raising to the east. these types of systems do not have a lot of moisture with them. and when they move fast, that's two reasons to not expect a whole lot of snow. as we go into thursday, we start off perhaps with a little
4:49 pm
sunshine. the clouds increase quickly. look at the temperature in the afternoon. some of the places not reaching the freezing mark. tomorrow night starts off dry at 8:00. here comes the snow temperatures below freezing, when it starts. so untreated surfaces could see it stick. by 5:00 a.m. there's a little especially south jersey. jersey shore will get some, as well. there we are at 7:00 a.m. as it all moves out. then the second area, this is a bigger storm, but a southern storm. look at getting hit. they're really going to get hit hard down there. anybody traveling to the south. but the northern edge of this is going to come very close to the southern desz adelaware and the jersey shore. those are the areas with the best chance of accumulation on saturday. but for the first batch, about an inch on average across much of the.
4:50 pm
by saturday a little bit more for the jersey shore and perhaps extreme southern delaware. we're not talking about tremendous amounts of snow. we're talking about much colder air. you can see all of these places staying near freezing for a high temperature tomorrow after 50 today. >> big changes. many of you have probably done online shopping on coupon websites. >> a local woman thought she scored a great deal when she bought a discounted vacation. that is until the resort went out of business and she couldn't get her money back. next at 4:00 how the nbc 10 responds team stepped in to help.
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a woman buys a vacation trip from a coupon website. >> before she can take the trip, the vacation resort goes out of business. she said what happened next left her frustrated. she contacted harry and nbc 10 responds. >> imagine that. goes out of business. now what? get this. this woman said she read the fine print and knew she was due a refund. the website where she bought the trip reed to give her her money back. >> you love to travel, huh? >> yeah. >> and michaela wilson has the pictures to prove it. >> i went to italy, belgium, and scotland. she wanted to share her passion with traveling with her mother. she went on livingsocial. a website that offers discounts for everything from restaurants to vacations and get aways. that's where she found a trip to a resort in saint lucia for her mother's birthday. >> it was for six people. a penthouse that included three different meals, three different
4:55 pm
full-massages, and being there on the beach. >> reporter: the cost to wilson? $1,000. her mother waited four years before deciding to use the voucher. by then the resort had closed. wilson called living social to get her thousands back. what happened? [ laughter ] >> it was a whirlwind of hold on, hold on. >> reporter: the company told her something that surprised her. >> i was like what do you mean? she's like, well, that voucher was already redeemed. i was like, no. no it wasn't. >> reporter: she said the company insisted she took the trip in 2013 and would not budge on her refund. wilson says after months of arguing with living social, she contacted nbc 10 responds. >> it was like if you can help, i would greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: we reached out to living social. its parent company groupon got back to us. groupon said it wants customers to have an amazing experience.
4:56 pm
is issuing her a full refund. wilson said the company also called her. >> i'm sure you're happy all the way from 2012. i was like, yeah. you have no idea. >> reporter: wilson sent us this nbc responds cam. >> thank you so much. i'm happy i got it back. >> it's a lot of cash to get back. the refund was gaurn tiered for five years. the company offer nod proof that wilson or anyone else actually took the trip. that's kind of, you know -- >> yeah. >> let's go to the recovery count and see where we are now. we're looking pretty good. 262,989 recovered for you, our viewers. >> keeps on climbing. >> it does. good work, harry. thanks. we want to go to sky 4 over breaking news. firefighters here on the roof of a row home fire in the hunting park section of philadelphia. this home is in the 4100 block of old york road. don't see any flames or smoke, for that matter. you see the firefighters on the
4:57 pm
roof. we're told that the issue was in the back of this building. no injuries that we know of now. we're working on -- there you see the damage to the back of the structure there. and in the meantime, let's talk about what is coming up at 5:00 with nbc 10 steve jones. >> we're going to talk about that, of course. at 5:00 she beat the best. >> hear from the delaware woman who took down serena williams. plus, a new soda tax has people pay more in philadelphia. customers say the change is too confusing. we go to stores around the city to find out what they're charging. different prices. and today some of us made it to the mid 50s, but we're tracking a cold blast, by tomorrow morning feeling like the teens and 20s. more on that coming up. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
a double doze of winter. get ready for much colder temperatures and then snow. >> sticker shock. the new soda tax has people complaining and confused. facing justice after weeks on the run. the accused killer shows his face in court for the first time. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 5:00. winter makes a comeback after a day in the 50s. much colder weather is heading our way. nbc 10 in burlington county where the wind has been blowing throughout the day. now we're


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